Friday, 25 December 2009

Still life

Following on from thoughts of Manet and his fruit...a little sketch of a pear and banana to show. Nothing special or profound but an interesting study to have a go at. I find these little observational pieces quite relaxing to do. I liked the shapes, particularly the negative spaces, using the tombow pens to wash in tone together with pencil work for quick hatching and some cleaner lines....

You looking at me?

A few self portrait exercises to stop the art brain getting flabby! To be honest, I'd rather sketch other people but I'm a very patient model :O)

  and a couple of quickfire lunchtime studies for good measure...

It's snow time!

Wow. The snow in the sun was amazing but the weather closed in fast. Just a small window of opportunity to get something down. Forgot to put a card in my camera so I'll have to rely on these oil sketches and memory for any new versions. Probably not a bad have a habit of leading me astray!

This is my favourite and the least, erm, polished. Just goes to show you don't need lots of detail to achieve an end result. Less is certainly more in this case. I had about 30 minutes to get it down having just painted a panel facing the other direction (see below). I wasn't sure whether to bother but I'm glad I did. The colours were amazing and seemed to change every time I looked! 

This one worked quite well (facing the other way before the sun started going down) and I enjoyed working on a linen canvas panel. The sheep made a nice point of interest and they're definitely less white than you'd think!

The composition on this one wasn't so strong but I think I can tweak the format and use the sketch to work up something more balanced (in terms of shape and colour/value distribution). It was REALLY cold when I did this one...2 pairs of gloves were needed towards the end! Thankfully I had a flask of milky coffee.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

ROI Paint evening

Great to see all the artists doing their stuff. The heady smell of turps in the air. You can learn a great deal from just watching (as I did...although I couldn't resist getting the skebook out). Enjoyed meeting the likes of Adebanji Adelade. He paints with great energy. 

(David Curtis had a good position and really 'caught' the model)

I also discovered I'd sold both paintings which was a bonus. We love red stickers :o) 

and I really liked these winter scenes from the Winsor and Newton under 35's category... 

Sunday, 25 January 2009

New home!

I seem to be buying a house. Not sure how it happened but a nice little Victorian terrace 2 doors up came back on the market and the next thing I know I'm applying for a mortgage! It needs loads of work (e.g. no heating at present, bedroom converting to bathroom and much more) so I suspect I won't get nearly as much painting done as I would like in the coming months :o(

Even so, the painting and drawing will certainly be continuing, not least serving as a welcome relief from all the renovation mayhem. I've got a handful of paintings to finish off and they'll be going up on the site soon. I've been reading an interesting book on Manet recently (Manet by himself - Wilson-Bareau). I LOVE his still lifes of flowers. They are so delicate and sensitive. The book is full of his own quotes/thoughts and that gives such an insight into the artist, not unlike the way a blog can! Anyway, I liked one of his quotes:

"An artist can say everything with fruit or flowers, or simply with clouds...."

How very true. Grand images do not have to be grand subjects!