Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Head spin

I've not posted for a while, primarily as I'm currently laid up with a nasty little virus that causes vertigo/sickness and a few other things. I think the worst thing is the vertigo though which, at its worst, makes you feel like you're on a horrible fairground ride that you can't get off...even when you're lying still. Sheeesh, all down to some little blighters in the inner ear apparently! Anyway, thought I'd try posting something because daytime TV is driving me nuts!! Here's a little evening study I did about 12 days ago after work as the light was fading. The cows were all gathered round at the start but by the time I'd finished they'd disappeared, along with the sun. I barely got 30 minutes on this little 6x8 but it was still worth it, I think!

Admittedly, it lacks detail and refinement but I was more interested in quality of light and judging the tones/temperatures. Let's call it a sketch...yes...that's what it is. If you squint at it the basics do seem to hold together. Couldn't really expect much more in half and hour or so I guess. I think it might have been Ken Howard who said that the best paintings can seem to emit their own light. Not an easy thing to do with pigment but relatively speaking I guess we can arrive at an equivalent if we get things 'right'.

Below....nice to be the centre of attention for a moment...even if the audience is a bunch of cows :o) I swear the light coloured one was trying to challenge me to a stare out. See the slash of light at the top, that's what I wanted to get down before it faded. The scene I chose was just to the left of this view. No time to dither!

Below is the scene after about 35 minutes.....where's the light....where's the cows....something I said?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

US magazine article published

I've just received a digital version (Fall edition) of the US magazine 'Plein Air' and was very pleased to see that they had published an article I'd written on our plein air painting adventures in Cornwall earlier this year!
Anthony Bridge is a fellow member of Plein Air Brotherhood and is on the advisory panel for the magazine so thanks to Ant we were able to get some material over to the editor. Cheers Ant :o)

I'd certainly recommend a copy if anyone can get hold of one. There's some great shots of the crew! The magazine is always a great read for plein air enthusiasts!